Track and Ride Quality monitoring system for the railways


Fitted to in-service passenger trains

Frequent monitoring of track without dedicated track measurement trains

Continous measurement of acceleration

Indigo runs whenever the train is powered. Accelerations and rotations continously measured in 3 axes.

GPS positioning

Data is recorded with GPS data accurate to less than 10m. Track maintenance engineers can quickly target work to the right locations.

Data automatically uploaded to the cloud

Exceedance events and data are immediately uploaded to the Indigo data server where clients can view and analyse data.

Ride Quality

Indigo can continually monitor the Ride Quality and upload this to the server. This is used to create colour-coded maps of the network highlighting areas of concern.

Preventative Maintenance

Use the data to monitor trends over time and predict future problems. Fix problems before they develop.

Indigo is fitted to in-service vehicles. It has internal sensors that continuously measure vertical and lateral accelerations, roll, pitch and yaw while tracking the vehicle location using GPS.

An internal ARM processor monitors these sensors and when configurable thresholds are exceeded, an alarm is sent to the Indigo cloud server along with a snapshot of the raw data spanning the event.

The Indigo cloud server collects events reported by all Indigo devices. By correlating data from different devices a high confidence can be placed on the location and severity of developing track faults.

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